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Download series (Battlestar Galactica/Star Trek fusion; mckirk) Absolutely brilliant au fic and one of my favourites.
Your elements were formed in stars and then scattered across the velvet void, swirling lonely through the universe until they finally were brought together to form you, a masterpiece in itself. I am so glad they did.

P.S. You are the family of stars. Never forget you deserve the same wonder and respect that your celestial brethren receive.
me: *whenever I think up a sad headcanon* oh boy i can't wait to destroy my friends with this
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X-men First Class : Magneto by ~Phlegias-T-Redback

so gorgeous 

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hiccup haddock → moodboard
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If you must live darling one; just live

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Star Trek Into Darkness+ Soundtrack part 1

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Type Contrast: ESFJ vs. ISFJ

There is no more down to earth, people-loving type than the SFJ, but the different order of their functions means that while they share a lot of similarities, they behave differently much of the time.

Both hold onto their memories and are sentimental about past relationships and experiences (if they go through a terrible experience, it is very, very hard for them to completely move past it). Each is practical (their preference for facts and concrete ideas, rather than abstractions) and down to earth. Each has an awareness of their internal self and how they feel. Both like to socialize but the ESFJ does it more often.

Because their first three functions are extroverted feeling, introverted sensing, and extroverted intuition, ESFJs are very good at reading people. Their Fe tunes them in to the emotions of those around them, their Si examines their environment for factual information, and their Ne interprets what isn’t being said. They’re driven to maintain harmony and take care of people. Their leading Fe makes them often forgiving (if the apology is sincere – their Ne knows if it’s not) of faults, but also activates their “mothering side.” Their ability to sense potential problems leads them to try to protect others from them. Outsiders can see this as “controlling,” but it’s a problem-solving function.

This tendency is present in the ISFJ as well but their function order alters their behavior. Since their first function is introverted sensing, ISFJs have a hard time looking beyond past experiences. They feel an intense connection to the past and frequently contrast current situations with their vast storehouse of memories. They highly value things that connect them to the past and know exactly when, where, and who was involved, as well as how they felt at the time. Holding an object or seeing a person will make them feel those things all over again.

When dealing with people, the ISFJ will reference their memories about them first then use their extroverted feeling to make themselves compatible with the other party. Because they are so loyal, unless they are harmed in some unforgivable way, they will be a lifelong friend, but aren’t quite as good at reading others as their extroverted counterpart. The ISFJ needs external indicators to understand what is required from them and can sometimes get wrapped up in their own internal world and forget to check their Ne.

Both types are going to cling strongly to the past in some form, either through objects in their home or their fondness for old movies, music, and items that either connect them to a past era or hold strong memories of shared experiences with a parent or grandparent (this will be slightly more apparent in the ISFJ). Each uses their introverted thinking to occasionally reevaluate their behavior, relationships, work experiences, and lifestyle to determine if it needs improvement. The ESFJ uses their Ti to sort through the information their Fe-Si-Ne picks up on, usually to discern motivations and possible solutions, while the ISFJ uses it more to steady their emotions and problem-solve.

The biggest external difference is in their approach to conflict; even though each dislikes disharmony, the extroverted dominant feeling of the ESFJ encourages them to express their opinions frankly and strongly while the more private, self-contained ISFJ will suffer in silence. Since they hold onto things, ISFJs find it difficult to “forget and forgive,” and it will take time for them to replace bad memories with good ones. (If a relationship is bad over a prolonged period of time, experience after experience will build up, creating a long-term negative emotion that will, eventually, cause the ISFJ to be overwhelmed and lash out — sometimes violently for male ISFJs, and verbally for female ISFJs.)

Under stress, each type becomes analytical and fearful of the future, although in different ways. Ne-Ti for the ESFJ will make them distracted and hyper-aware of unspoken subtext, which is then filtered through rationality (Ti tears it apart, and tries to help them decide how to fix the problem, or even if it’s a valid fear). Ti-Ne for the ISFJ will make them over-analyze everything, which leads to many future-centric ideas (the thousand and one ways this will go very wrong!). To stop this cycle, both types must re-activate their Si/Fe before they can calm down.

SFJ’s are the most common type, perhaps because they are the natural caregivers in the world. Their awareness of the needs of others and their practicality keep their feet on the ground  and make them reliable, trustworthy, and above all, compassionate.

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toothless the giant black kitten

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smoo told me to draw zutara week stuff so instead i drew some modern au gaang. sorry for my shitty handwriting.

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star trek into darkness + behind the scenes (part 1)

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Voice Actors and Actresses from Avatar The Last Airbender who came back with new characters in The Legend of Korra.

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you can do it it’s for starfleet

*pulls on imaginary blue shirt* hell yeah

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Jim has never given much thought to his scars. 

His body is far from being an expanse of smooth flawless skin. He’s a survivor and a fighter, and the things he has seen in his life, the things he has done, have left their marks. 

There are the everyday scars that are scattered in little nicks and cuts. A paper cut here, a slip of the knife while chopping veggies, a careless swipe while shaving, childhood skinned knees, all of them small reminders of life’s progression.

There are the larger scars, the ones he doesn’t talk about often. The ones from barbwire across his left arm and the one small one across his eyebrow are results of Tarsus IV. Others are from bar fights. A jagged one on his thigh is from a stupid move while riding his motorcycle. 

Then there are the smattering of dark round scars that cover his lower back. Some have faded with time, others are still shiny, pink, and new. Jim never really spared them a second thought until a lover pressed their fingers against his skin and smiled. 

“You have freckles on your back! That’s so cute.” 

Jim felt his breath catch in his chest. He peered over his shoulder to see where she traced his naked back, touching the marks just above the waistband of his boxers. He’s not sure why he says it, but he feels like he needs to. 

“They’re scars.” 

Her face falls and Jim instantly regrets saying anything. She tries to brush it off with an awkward laugh.

“Oh. Well, that’s less cute.” 

Jim fakes a smile and pushes it out of his mind, determined to forget about it completely. There’s no reason for him to get caught up when there are deeper and uglier scars on his body. 

Only now he sees them every time he turns to get in the shower. He sees them when he gets dressed. He sees them reflected in the window when he’s laying on his bed. He can’t stop being aware of them and it’s digging it’s own personal little hole into his heart. 

He finally snaps when he sees Bones’ eyes linger just a little to long. 

“What?” The question is almost a snarl, but Bones only raises and eyebrow at Jim’s tone.

“I was just wondering how you got those scars. The ones on your lower back. I thought it might be from a buck shot, but it doesn’t look right.” 

All the ire flows out of Jim and he sighs heavily. Of course Bones would be upfront about it. The man doesn’t know how to do subtle. 

“I pick when I’m stressed.” Jim tugs his shirt on, taking extra care to make sure it covers the scars. “I can’t leave them alone long enough to let them heal, so they scar over pretty bad, and then I pick at the scars.” 

Bones just nods in understanding.

“If they bother you that much I could run something over them that helps them fade.” 

Jim purses his lips and shakes his head. 

“I’ll just build them up again. Not even the worst scars I have.”

“Seem to bother you the most though.” 

Jim shrugs and flops down onto his bed. Bones starts to say something, but stops. 

“What, Bones?” Honestly Jim’s just tired at this point, he wants Bones to say what he’s going to say so that they can leave the subject behind completely. 

“I don’t know what happened that made you so upset about them, but they’re just scars, Jim.” Jim looked up to meet Bones’ eyes and the doctor gave him a reassuring smile. “Just because you put them there doesn’t mean they’re worse than the other ones.” 

Jim swallows roughly, trying to work past the sudden knot in his throat. 

“Thanks, Bones.” 

“Anytime, kid.” 

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